DATES:  AUGUST 24 - 26
In this retreat, we will work with the jacket from By Popular Demand.
It is an extremely versatile pattern, lending itself to many variations.
Our first priority is fitting the pattern for each student.
Then we will move on to practicing sewing techniques that can be applied not only to this jacket but to many other garments as well.
We'll also cover many style variations: we have made vests, shirts, and coats from this pattern in addition to many jackets from sporty to dressy.
You will not have time to completely finish a jacket in the class, but you will have gained the knowledge to make many beautifully finished jackets when you get home.
If you are interested in attending, please email for a registration form.



Terry Fox, Designer, Sewing Expert and Teacher, returns to Cutting Line Designs!!
Terry was recognized as a British Designer of the Year for 2013, and she has extensive experience working for several designers, including Zandra Rhodes, Belleville, Sassoon, and the Emmanuals (Princess Di’s wedding dress).
Currently, she is designing and creating beautiful clothing for individual clients.
Now you can learn from Terry and enhance your sewing in so many ways.
Here's an outline of her classes:

Session 1: 4 solid days with Terry
Meet and greet on October 1.
Class days are Tuesday, October 2 through Friday, October 5.
Topic: From Fit to Finish:
From Terry: "This is all about confidence building in fitting your favorite patterns, then styling them to bring out your ideas to suit you and your lifestyle."
She'll bring back the dresses, jackets, tops, and coat derived from Light and Shadow and Putting It Together from last year.
Then she'll push the envelope even further to make a whole range of shapes including summer dresses, gorgeous tunics, duster coats, jackets, and kimonos.
You'll work with individual pattern pieces to make new combinations and add a variety of new details, while being sure your innovations fit.
You can be a newby or a repeat student—everyone will learn.
Terry says, "Bring along as many CLD patterns as you wish."
Session 2: 3 amazing days with Terry!
Meet and greet on Saturday, October 6.
Class days are Sunday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 9.
Topic: Everyday Sewing and Stuff You Can't Live Without-a Techniques Class.
Terry says: "A master class of fun techniques with a seriously good finish."
She'll cover easy zips for straight and curvy seams, perfect shaped corners and curves for collars and cuffs, darts for all fabrics, interfacing choices, and bound buttonholes on Day 1!
Day 2 takes everyday to a new level with custom shoulder pads, formed shoulders, magic sleeve wraps, and tricky tricks with stripes, checks, and wavy curves.
Day 3 is for the fancy stuff!
Binding, piping, edging, pleating, scrunching, layering, cutting, folding, stitching.
Adding all kinds of embellishments to personalize with special effects.
It's called Couture!!
Session 3: 4 amazing days with Terry!
Meet and greet on Wednesday, October 10.
Class days are Thursday, October 11 to Sunday, October 14.
Topic: Fitting With Attitude
Terry says we come in all shapes and sizes! Three fitting methods come from couture, commercial patterns, and mass production.
She uses a bit from each to create a "speeded up couture" to do what is needed to get the result you want.
She'll cover alterations, then move on to examine how they can turn into design statements that will flatter you.
You can bring any commercial patterns (no pants, please) that you want to fit (and we'll send you info on any prep work you'll need to do ahead of time).
As Terry says, she has exacting clients, so her results need to be good.

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